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Customized package options available to meet your needs and your budget! 

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Let us transform your vehicle! Call today to get a customize service quote that will work within your budget.  We highly encourage our customers to schedule appointments ahead of time!


Below are the three levels of detailing services you can choose from or schedule a 10 min customized quote appt with us! Give us a call at 541-604-6658

***All Interior and Exterior Complete Packages include an engine cleaning***

Express Detail - $150

Exterior wash

Door Jams Cleaned

Complete Vacuum (Not including dog hair)

Wipe down of panels, seats and dash

Windows Cleaned Inside and Out




  • Exterior wash

  • All door jams cleaned

  • All plastics cleaned using non-toxic cleaner/steam cleaned/conditioned

  • Vacuum all carpets

  • Carpets extracted and/or steam cleaned depending on the condition

  • Leather, Vinyl or cloth seats cleaned.

  • Leather, Vinyl conditioned to protect against aging/UV rays

  • All windows cleaned inside and out

  • Light headboard cleaning

** Please note Dog hair, Hay, Sand removal are added charges due to the time involved**


EXTERIOR DETAIL  LEVEL 1:  $250 - $350


  • Exterior Wash with PH balance soap 

  • Full tire/wheel/wheel well cleaning and detailed

  • Thorough clay and fallout treatment to remove bonded contamination

  • 1 step polish to enhance the paint clarity - Removes 50-60% defects (light scratches/swirls)

  • 3 month protection with Bead Maker Spray Sealant

  • Windows cleaned inside and out

  • All exterior plastic trim conditioned

  • All tires conditioned

** Please note - For Ceramic Coating Packages please check out our Vehicle Protection page**














EXTERIOR DETAIL  LEVEL 2: (Requires appointment for customized quote)


  • Includes everything in Level 1

  • Iron remover applied (for unseen contaminants embedded in paint)

  • Extensive two-step paint correction and polish that improves or removes approximately 80 -90% of defects

  • ** Recommendation of 1 - 5 year ceramic coating be applied to lock in results! **




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