Glass Protection


Commercial vehicles have to drive through all types of conditions at all hours of the day.

ONYX AF PLUS will keep any truck’s windshield clear of snow, ice and rain, and any driver’s eyes clear of road glare.


ONYX AF PLUS is a professionally applied chemical application that enhances driver’s vision at times of inclement weather due to the water micro-beading and repelling off your windshield.

Night glare will also become dramatically reduced, making your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

When professionally installed, ONYX AF PLUS is a 7 Year Automotive Protectant.


ONYX AF PLUS helps to maintain a clear view on the water by micro beading away ocean spray and limiting solar glare.

Your marine glass will also look cleaner and newer with salt water degradation protection and limited hard water staining.

Our AF/AF+ coatings are easy to maintain while guaranteeing high performance across its lifetime. When applied, our coating forms a durable and protective layer that will keep the underlying panel safe from damage. The coating also makes the surface incredibly smooth, creating a hydrophobic effect and preventing dirt from becoming engrained in the panel. Resulting in greater efficiency from the glass.

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